Not everyone likes ads however I do and I would like to make them pretty and fun. Your Brand and Reputation is important and here you can let the World see your website. The extraordinary media twist may be my Memory. However that is not the superlative product. This is a practical favourable directory and who knows. You may get called out on Breakfast telly. I do not want to learn phone numbers for the rest of my life yet this website will be posted indefinitely. Be as it may my real genius is as a writer. And buy my books you must. Learning more phone numbers than anyone on Earth will open doors. Creativity like this needs an audience. x Tom Morton

Advertise On The Good Idea

  • You can have a Basic Live Hyperlink Listing a bargain starting at five pounds that covers the lightbulb and teabags. Or enhance your listing with a custom made carton Advertisement starting at just thirty pounds a token for my time and creativity like watching Leonardo paint the Mona Lisa. Have a look around the site if you need ideas. I have lots of graphics available. And even better I have imagination. So don't miss the bus with your Ad. And some of them are quite funny with a touch on Moonpig.